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What is Norbu Stress Control?

What is Norbu Stress Control?

Nowadays people are facing a significant stress impact. It becomes vitally important for an individual to be able to manage stress in order to adapt to dramatic changes. Norbu Stress Control app trains stress management skills.

Most techniques for stress reduction use relaxing melodies and soothing meditations to fight stress. Unfortunately, these techniques of passive adaptation gives only a short-term effect, and rarely helps when facing the challenges of everyday reality.

NORBU Stress Control or stress management is the Mindfulness Based Stress Control (MBSC) technique of active adaptation to changes

Norbu app teaches stress recognition and trains the adaptive skill of stress control through a sequence of exercises: 

1.Problem focusing and it’s assessment

2.The game “Neuron Massage” switches the attention from the problem. 

3.During a parasympathetic breathing exercise, the brain’s stress patterns are disabled and new opportunities for creativity and inspiration are opened. 

4.Meditation consolidates the effect of the breathing.  

5.The self-assessment of the training result clearly shows the user the effectiveness of the training. 

6.Statistics on the progress of adaptation to stress, form a steady habit for the user to cope with stress.

At regular training for 6-8 weeks, the app forms a habit to discover the cause of stress and adapt to the changes without falling into anxiety or depression.

The training methodology has been compiled and based on research in the PubMed scientific base and confirmed by our own experience.

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