The Music Norbu app is a mixer you can use to create melodies with the relaxing sounds of nature and casting them via Chromecast to TV.
You can set up your own unique audio and video backgrounds that will help you relax, sleep and meditate.

The app also has a Chromecast function you can use to broadcast a nature video in high quality on your TV. The glow from a warm fireplace with the wood crackling, the relaxing sound of waves and the chirping cicadas at night will give your home an atmosphere of romance and coziness.

If you want to fall asleep with the ocean waves or the murmur of a brook, the app has a sleep timer. The timer will turn off the sleep sounds at the time you set. You can sleep in peace without having to worry about the app running.

The crackling of a fire, the murmuring of a mountain river, waves at the seashore and the sound of rain are just some of what you’ll find in the Music Norbu app. You’ll be able to select a finished sound track and customize it, and you can even create your own audio background.

You can set up each nature sound to suit your mood. Increase the loudness of the crackling logs or the roar of the fire. Next to the river, you can make singing of birds louder or make it easier to hear the rustle of the surrounding leaves. Add a distant thunderstorm to the rain or make the sound of raindrops a touch quieter.

There are lots of sound settings, so you can easily find your unique sound background. Meditate or relax by broadcasting one of our mixes via Chromecast to TV.

For new mixes, select the sounds you need and customize them to suit your preference. You can create any number of video and audio compositions.

With the Music Norbu app, you can transform your daily routine into a beautiful, calming world of nature sounds where you can feel free and be yourself.